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First Baptist Church
Augusta, GA


African American Baptist Annuals

National Baptist Convention, 1902-1933

In the late 1970s the Historical Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention worked to microfilm certain African American Baptist resources. One such resource was the annuals of African American Baptist national bodies.

The annuals of these bodies usually provide their constitution and bylaws, proceedings of the annual meeting, reports of committees and organizations, information on finances, and some directory information. In the National Baptist Convention annuals is also found the journal of the Women’s Convention, Auxiliary to the National Baptist Convention. Photographs are often included in some of the annuals. The annuals are any word searchable. The National Baptist Convention traces its beginnings to the Foreign Mission Convention which began in 1880 in Montgomery, Alabama. In 1895, the Baptist Foreign Mission Convention, American National Baptist Convention, and National Baptist Education Convention merged into the National Baptist Convention of the U.S.A.

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